by IDr. Jigs Adefuin

  1. Always hang paintings at eye level. The center of the painting should be 1.5 meters from the ground for Asians and around 1.65 meters for Caucasians.
  2. Make sure that hung frames are anchored with the furniture under them. There should be a distance of at least 4” to 8” between the artwork and the furniture piece. 
  3. Apply groupings when framing to create an impact for your focal point. Try using different pieces such as sculptural wall decor, wall sconces, mirrors, wall clocks, paintings, and any other wall hangings.
  4. Framing doesn’t always mean following the outline of furniture. Do not hang artwork at the back of your sofa in an arched manner. Even if the couch is camelback. The same rule applies to your bed with a domed headboard.
  5. Do not put artworks on top of a door or an armoire. Nobody will appreciate it from that angle because it is out of place and out of sight. 

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